Ghost Tour of Old Town Humble



The first settlers are said to have been here in 1828. Humble ties right in to Houston's dark history, and Houston's history spreads beyond its City Limits.  Humble has been the heart of Oil profit in the area for the past 100 years. Behind the abandoned Satanic Church of Humble there are said to be red glowing eyes that stare at you through the trees. Voices are heard in the woods like children evilly laughing. There is an old Bingo hall that has an Urban Legend of a Zombie creature who chases after you on dark nights. A young boy who dug up a skull to use it for something less than respectful. Graves of slaves burried in ditches, as if being discarded. Sad stories, proud stories, and stories of fame - it's all here in Humble, Texas. Join us in Humble, as we take you to the original buildings that are still standing today. See where founder, Pleasant Humble stood himself, and see where he spent most of his time socializing. You can still eat at Humle City Cafe, where it is said Humble liked to hang out in when it was a general store. See the old general store, the hospital, the clinic, the school, and more as we walk through Old Town Humble. Originally settled as a lumbering town, the logging mills spread as far as the eye could see, no trees for miles. But what brought these people all the greed, corruption, wealth, and power? OIL. They struck oil and it never stopped. Greed and power does strange things to people. Come and find out what strange things lie in Humble, Texas on our haunted history tours! 

*We must have at least 48 hours notice for a reservation in this location.  


Please read this important information before booking your tour! 

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TIP: If you don't like blood suckers and dehydration, bring bug spray and water with you!

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