Ghost Tour of Old Town Spring

Old Town Spring


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During daylight hours, Old Town Spring is a quaint little shopping town. Filled with local vendors and restaurants guaranteed to cure shopaholics and sweet tooths alike. And as night gathers close to this small little unsuspecting town, the spirits of Spring come out to play. 
From the very first Klein Funeral Home, hippie communes, to Bonnie and Clyde, Old Town Spring is rich with history and ghosts alike. 
Founded in the late 1800s, Spring is one of the top most haunted Old West Towns in America. Filled with spirits of angry law enforcement, buildings that don't burn down, small children who beg for friends, shapeshifting Native Americans, shadow people, fist fighting old ladies and... The list goes on for quite a long time! You try fitting over three hours of information into one! Follow our guides as we take you through the town of Old Town Spring. Said to be cursed by the Indians that once owned the land, Old Town Spring always seems to bring drama, chaos, and change. And to us, it's always been good. Sometimes change has to happen in a bad or chaotic way to make life more interesting. Old Town Spring really shows us that out of much chaos, we can truly find beauty. 

Something to do before or after your tour: Come early and walk around Old Town Spring to shop in a variety of amazing places. Great restaurants and bars also line up in this wonderful town. After the tour, there are two bars that sometimes stay open. 



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