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Houston Ghost Tour Launches Brand New Tour Construct

Houston Ghost Tour Launches a Brand New Tour Construct

a man standing in front of a brick building

Danny Thomas, owner and tour guide Doc Strangeway, on his very first ghost tour in Old Town Spring, in August of 2008.

Hi guys, and thanks for reading our blog! Houston Ghost Tour has been in business since 2008, bringing you the very best Ghost Tour experience Houston has to offer. With a myriad of fascinating tales, our guests have enjoyed history and mystery for years now.
Now, in 2020, We wanted to share some super exciting news with you all!
Starting June 1st, we will launch a brand new tour construct. After a year of re-writing, we are proud to say our new tour script is finished!

Doc Strangeway on one of our Old Town Spring Ghost Tours.

Over the years we have collected ghost stories and history from historians, locals, and shop owners, and spent many countless hours researching books, websites, and library resources. Now, after 12 years in business, we have decided to take what we have built over the years, and re-construct it into a brand new, cleaned up version of the tour. We have completely re-done the Houston and Old Town Spring locations. For now, the Tomball and Humble tours are not changed.

a group of people posing for a photo

The Boo Crew in 2011. From Left: Alex aka Shaggy, Erin, Doc, L., Maggie, David.

Before now, our tours have been an eclectic mix of an original script we wrote back in 2008, and we asked our guides to pepper in their two cents and any information they wanted to add in that they had researched. Starting June 1st, we will no longer have the mix-matched tours. All of our tours will now be streamlined and consistent, while the guide still gives their personality and flair during their performance.

Some tour guests listen to Doc Strangeway on the downtown Houston tour, at Pioneer Monument.

Spring and Houston have some unbelievable history, as well as incredible ghost stories. It’s hard to keep every single story in one tour! We have collected over 5 hours of information for each location, but since we only have you on tour with us for about an hour and a half, we have to narrow it down to the very best stories. So, after many years of tours, we have gathered the very best of Houston’s ghosts to share with you!

a group of people posing for the camera

Doc Strangeway with some of our t-shirt and free movie pass winners, for the release of The Conjuring 2.

Since many of our customers attend the same tour more than once, we wanted to ensure the same experience for them each time they go. Though you will definitely have a unique experience with each different tour guide, as their personality and wording will be different than any other guide.
We will still have many of the same stories and history, with a few new stories, and the tour will be polished and organized. So, we hope you will join us for the launch of our brand new tour construct, on June 1st, 2020!
You can click on any tour below to be directed to purchase your tickets for the NEW tour launch!

Written by Lindy Thomas, 4-30-2020
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All rights reserved.