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Do we have proof of ghosts? The tragic story of two lovers, killed before their wedding day

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On Thyme Square

The sun shined bright Sunday May 5, 1929 as Edward Stone and Olena Wunsche left her father’s house in Spring. Edward seemed nervous, at least he did to Olena. 

“Are you okay?” she asked her beloved.

Edward looked at her and smiled, but said nothing. He looked around the area, and hesitated as he got into his vehicle. Edward played the day’s events over and over in his head. What had he seen? Was it possible? 

Edward started his car, and began the long drive back to Houston.
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The next day, at dawn, two bodies were discovered. A man and a woman, Edward and Olena. The man had a gunshot wound made at close range to his front, and the woman, a shot to her back.

Fast forward ninety-one years. During the day, Thyme Square is now littered with shops that cater to a wide variety of things, but when the sun goes down, the realm of Thyme Square becomes active with another kind of patron, and another type of guest.

On Friday and Saturday nights, a small business called Houston Ghost Tours has a variety of fun filled activities for people to enjoy. One such event is called the Ghost Hunt of Old Town Spring. For two hours, led by an experienced paranormal investigator, customers get the opportunity to commune with those on another plane, using a variety of provided tools and equipment.

Tonight our hunt led us to Thyme Square.

The ground was moist, and the air kind of damp, bordering on humid. As the leader/ guide of the group, I led them to a small white gazebo.

I opened my case, and pulled out a pair of dowsing rods. As is my custom on my ghost hunts, I ask my investigators “Who wants what tool?” Tonight, an older man and his wife (Jen and Rich)  requested them. I gave them a brief history on Thyme Square, being sure to mention to them that this was one of the last places Olena and Edward were seen alive together.

Olena is a very chatty spirit present in Thyme Square. She loves to talk about three topics; love, relationships and babies.

Tonight, it was Jen who made contact. I guided them on how to use the dowsing rods. Beginning with a simple request of the spirit one wants to talk to, “Spirit, can you please show me ‘Yes’?” In this moment, the rods crossed. “Thank you. Spirit, can you now show me no?” It took a few seconds, but finally the rods opened. (It is of note to mention: that while the hunts only last two hours, we, as investigators, are on the spirit’s time. One cannot rush these things, even if others like Bagans, would have you believe otherwise.)

Armed with our yes and no motions, we began our interview of the spirit who contacted us.

  • Spirit, are you a female? Rods closed (Yes)
  • Spirit, do you remember your name? Rods stayed closed, (Yes)
  • Spirit, is your name Olena Wunsche? Rods closed more. (Yes)
  • May I call you Olena? Rods stayed closed. (Yes)
  • Olena, would you prefer us to not speak to you? Rods opened (No)
  • Thank you Olena, Are you having a good evening? Rods closed (Yes)

The simplistic questions continued for a few moments. During these initial questions, I wandered around Thyme Square speaking to other members of the group, before finding my way back to Jen and Rich.

Speaking to spirits, especially Olena, is not a difficult thing to do. At times we question ourselves, “What should I ask?” And the answer is as simple as the question, whatever comes to mind. It’s not the questions as much as it is the tone. Shouting loudly, being antagonistic, argumentative and showy are not great ways of making contact. Imagine speaking to a complete stranger in such a way, do you think they would be willing to respond to you? By speaking calmly, and friendly, one can make contact and actually get them to have long, and in some cases EPIC conversations. Speak to them as if you are taking someone out for a beer. REMEMBER: These were people once too.

Jen and Rich looked up as I entered the gazebo. I asked how things were going. And they said that they felt the simplistic questions were not only boring them, but they felt they were also boring her. I told them to shake things up a bit. So we delved into a series of more complex questions. By complex I do not mean: what is the average ratio of Astronomical units, to miles in terms of the Pythagorean theorem, in relation to the molecular weight of mercury. By complex I mean, darker, more deep questions. (The type that would anger a spirit by making them relive the last few moments before death)

  • Did you die from a gunshot wound? Rods crossed (yes)
  • Did Edward die first? Rods crossed (yes)
  • Did you die running away? Rods crossed (yes)
  • Was Edward trying to protect you? Rods crossed (yes)
  • Did you know your killer? Rods opened (no)

When the rods opened, we began to draw a bit of a crowd. The others from the group joined us, and began “salivating”. Naturally this was a very enthralling conversation, not to mention topic. Who wouldn’t be intrigued, true crime, and murder facinates just about everyone, hell there is even an entire channel dedicated to this topic. TRUTV.

As the conversation with Olena went on, it was revealed that Edward told her to run away from the scene, she did not hear Edward beg for his life, but she did hear him beg for hers. There were two people, present at the murder, one shot Edward, she did not recognize him, but Edward did, and the other man present neither knew.

Was Olena present? One can chalk it up to coincidence, or crazy. Olena has been seen, both by patrons of Houston Ghost Tours, and actually by her father. In an interview that was conducted a few months after her death, Frank O. Wunsche said, “I remain haunted by the unsolved slayings. I keep seeing her face, and hearing her voice around the house.”

The tragic death that happened here has left a significant imprint, whether we know if they are truly haunting the area or not. But the evidence found, and experiences we had out there on this particular night, was one to be remembered.

To experience Olena, choose Old Town Spring Ghost Hunt, and visit the 6th most haunted old west town in the US with us on a 2 hour search for the ghosts who inhabit the town.

Join 5 star guide and paranormal investigator Professor Max Lovecraft, Monday thru Saturday nights in Old Town Spring, or the last Saturday of the month in Houston.


@Copyright Houston Ghost Tour 2020
Written By: John Allen
Edited By: Lindy Thomas