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Terms and conditions of applying for a position with Houston Ghost Tour (HGT)

Your responsibility:
By applying for any position with Houston Ghost Tour I acknowledge and agree that any information in the application and website is the sole property of Houston Ghost Tour and I will keep all information read and received private and confidential. I understand that my privacy is important to HGT and they will keep my answers 100% confidential except to be shared with staff members deemed responsible for hiring me. I understand that all content on this site, paperwork and emails, and on tour is the sole property of Houston Ghost Tour.

Our responsibility:
Houston Ghost Tour is an equal opportunity employer. We reserve the right to interview or hire whomever we deem reasonably adequate for the position and the right fit for the company. We will spend a thorough amount of time reading your application. If hired, we will send all forms and correspondence through email. The declining of a position or application is in no way reflective of the individual’s personal preferences, age, race, or religion. If we do not interview or hire you, it is based off many factors that are ultimately determined by our team. By applying, you acknowledge that this is not a guarantee of employment.


Terms and conditions of applying

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