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Doc. Strangeway Executive Tour Guide

Guide since 2008

Awards: Top Requested Guide, Crowd Favorite, Consistent 5 Star Reviews, 10 years of service, Great With Large Crowds

From: Born and raised in Houston, TX.

About Doc: Doc has a strange way of telling ghost stories and history that will engage you and change your view of the world around you. His talent for entertainment has crafted our company, and his creation has led many other guides and entertainers to success.

What to expect on Doc’s tour: A fun, entertaining, and exciting look into the paranormal and history around Houston. Doc prides himself on giving people a memory they will never forget.

Doc’s hobbies: His favorite food is roasted rattlesnake. He loves a good bottle of ‘shine, and tries his hand at cards and tricks in his spare time. Doc has mastered local history, and has been an occult and paranormal expert for over 2o years. He loves twangy country music that makes you want to stick a piece of hay in your teeth.

Edward S. Burns Executive Tour Guide

Guide since 2014

Awards: Crowd Favorite, Popular with Kids, Dedicated Guide, Great With Small Crowds, 5 years of service

From: Born in Missouri, raised in Conroe, TX.

About Edward: Somehow spooky and friendly at the exact same time, for all we know, Edward could be a member of the Addam’s Family. His flair for life and death are equal, as he has respect for the part they both play in the circle of life. Thus, Edward has a knack for respecting  and educating those about the dead, while staying vibrant about life.

What to expect on Edward’s tour: Get ready for an original, one-of-a-kind experience with Edward. He has crafted a tour that is interactive and interesting, with just the right amount of creepy to keep you on the edge of the unknown. Learn secrets, mysteries, and history on Edward’s famous tour of Houston.

Edward’s hobbies: Ed likes to study magic and mysticism, collect bugs, paint and write, and enjoys taking photographs of nature. Edward is also a musician, his favorite to listen to being 60’s music and The Doors. His favorite food is anything smothered in country sausage gravy.

L. Executive Tour Guide Director

Guide since 2011

Awards: Excellent Reviews, Most Rounds of Applause, Crowd Favorite, Great With Large Crowds, Over 5 years of service

From: Born in Oklahoma, raised in The Woodlands, TX.

About L.: When you meet L. for the first time, you will be welcomed by her warm and genuine energy. Passionate and knowledgeable, L. is a fantastic storyteller. She wants her guests to feel engaged in the stories she tells, so her main focus is to attract the crowd’s full attention.

What to expect on L.’s tour: L. weaves a myriad of stories into your mind as you follow her through town. With a welcoming and kind personality, she will give you a night filled with new knowledge and information, told with a flair that will leave you craving more.

L.’s hobbies: L. is a Librarian by day, and tour guide by night. She loves horror movies, heavy metal, and tacos. She has 2 cats named Meh. and Starlamew, and a German Shepherd named Winston. L. has a large collection of horror movies, and Stephen King Books.

Victoria Mundae Tour Guide

Guide since 2018

Awards: The Most Ghost Photos Caught on Camera, Dubbed The Ghost Magnet, Great With Small Crowds, Excellent Reviews, Most Intuitive

From: Born and raised in Houston, TX.

About Victoria: Victoria is filled with charm and wit, and has a sweet and bubbly personality. She is highly educated in spiritualism, the occult, and the paranormal, and will be able to answer any question that may come up. Her tours are exciting, because Victoria is a self-proclaimed spirit medium, which gives her a unique ability to hear and speak with spirits while on tour!

What to expect on Victoria’s tour: Victoria will guide you through town and listen along with you for the call of the spirits. She gives a tour full of fascinating facts and interesting information, along with a passionate telling of the paranormal and history along the way. If you’re dying to use all of your senses to experience the paranormal, Victoria is the guide you’re looking for.

Victoria’s hobbies: Victoria has been in the Television industry for over 35 years, and has a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree in Radio, Television, and Film. Victoria has 3 closets full of costumes, and is a Renaissance Festival regular. She enjoys using her skills and assets as a spirit medium, and continuing her work in her practice.

Amber Lead Paranormal Investigator

Paranormal Investigator since 2016

Awards: Top Investigator, Consistent Reviews, Top Requested Tour, Crowd Favorite, Excellent Reviews

From: Born in Colorado, raised in Wyoming, and has lived in Texas for over 8 years.

About Amber: Amber is passionate about giving her tour guests the chance to find the paranormal and experience something while on her hunts. She loves bringing the history and the investigative findings together to make skeptics into believers. She feels that being part of the Boo Crew feels like a family, where everyone has the same passions and goals to bring to the world.

What to expect on Amber’s tour: A new look at the other side, with tech and tools to help you get closer to finding the proof of what’s out there.

Amber’s hobbies: Amber’s family and friends are her biggest joy besides investigating ghosts. She enjoys country music, cajun food, and horror movies.

Alex Tour Guide

Guide since 2019

From: Born and raised in Spring, TX.

About Alex: Alex is an exciting and enthusiastic person who enjoys meeting new people and having adventures.

What to expect on Alex’s tour: Alex wants his guests to have fun while enjoying a memorable night full of history and spooky ghost stories, so he brings his vibrant personality and flair for storytelling to light while on tour.

Alex’s hobbies: Alex loves his grandmother’s Italian cooking, 80’s classic movies, and enjoys rock music. He is an overall fun and friendly guy who gets along with everyone he meets.

Logan Guiding Spirit

Guiding Spirit since 2016

Awards: Best Runner/Guiding Spirit, Best Dressed

From: Born and raised in Kingwood, TX.

About Logan: Logan truly enjoys being a part of the Boo Crew team. He is a witty and knowledgeable secondary guide for those on tour.

What to expect on Logan’s tour: Logan focuses on the crowd, ensuring the group stays together, avoids dangers, can hear their guide properly, and answers questions for anyone during the tour.

Logan’s hobbies: Logan enjoys history, reading fantasy and fiction books, and playing and listening to music.

Koryn Guiding Spirit

On staff since 2019

From: Born and raised in Conroe, TX.

About Koryn: The picture of southern charm, Koryn is a little bit country, and a little bit rock and roll. She loves old buildings, historical places, and seeking the spirits who seem to call to her no matter where she is.

What to expect on Koryn’s tour: Koryn pairs her love for history with her knack for sensing the paranormal around her, giving her guests a friendly, interactive experience. Her focus is to understand the unseen and the unknown, and share what she has found with her guests.

Koryn’s hobbies: Koryn is a huge Tim Burton fan, loves pizza, and enjoys dancing and outdoor activities. She seeks positive and uplifting music and wants her life to be guided by hope and love.

Bonny Hospitality

Greeter since 2018

Awards: Most Dependable Employee, Best Laugh

From: Born and raised in Conroe, TX.

About Bonny: Bonny  loves sharing personal experiences, stories, and history with people before they start the tour, because she feels that it sets the mood for the evening. She feels that being a part of the Boo Crew has made her a part of a family unit, giving her a workplace full of friendship, love, and fun.

What to expect when you meet Bonny: Bonny will greet you with a friendly smile, take your tickets and get you checked-in, and will direct you to your guide for the evening. She can answer any questions you may have about the tour, tell you a little bit about what to expect, and help you purchase merchandise from our sales table.

Bonny’s hobbies: Bonny loves the dark and macabre side of things, and is an avid fan of sci-fi, horror, and fantasy books, movies, and tv. Bonny’s favorite food is sushi, and she loves heavy metal music.

Saul Ravencraft Paranormalist

Showcasing his art in Mysticism, Spiritualism, and the Occult, Saul assists our team with conducting Seance performances and events.

With a vast knowledge of the paranormal and a knack for successful communication, Saul helps us find a direct line to the spirit world.

After meeting Saul you will leave with a new understanding of the unseen world around you.

You can book Saul for your next event or party. Learn more about Saul Ravencraft here:

Morticia Manson Retired Veteran Tour Guide

Tour Guide Since 2013

Morticia Manson has retired from tours after many years of dedicated service.

During her time with Houston Ghost Tour, she was known as one of our top tour guides, and over the years, ended up with her own cult fan following.

She always brought her friendly and loving personality to her tours, which made people fall in love with her by the end of the night.

We miss her tours dearly, but she is still an important part of all of our lives outside of the ghost tour environment.

We look forward to her possible return at any moment!

Rae-Lynn Perkins Company Photographer

Rae-Lynn is a professional photographer from Oakdale, Louisiana, and Houston Ghost Tour’s primary company photographer.

An absolute delight full of old fashioned southern charm, Rae-Lynn makes her clients feel at ease, and can bring out your best side and boost your confidence to ensure the very best poses and pictures.

Rae-Lynn is available for private sessions.
See her portfolio and contact her on Facebook:
Email her for a booking: [email protected]
Call to book a session: (318) 787-9913

Reviews on the Boo Crew

"“My wife and I went on the Tomball tour last night. We had an amazing time and our tour guide Doc Strangeway was awesome. I highly recommend doing one of their tours. I promise you won’t be disappointed”

– Andy, Facebook

“My husband and I went on our first ghost tour for a date night. We had Doc as our tour guide and it was amazing! My husband is a huge history buff. I’m a huge paranormal buff. It’s was a perfect mix of the two! And Doc was an awesome tour guide. I would highly recommend requesting him.”

– Amanda, Facebook

“Loved the tour with Morticia! We went for my birthday on a private tour with a wide range of ages. She kept us on our toes and was so interactive! Even entertained our crazy notions! Thank you again for a great night!"

– Jessica, Facebook

“We did the Old Spring Town Tour with Morticia Manson this past Saturday and we had a great time. It was pouring rain and our awesome tour guide braved the rain and took us on a spooky tour of this wonderful town. We took some great pictures and we plan on going back and doing the rest of the tours as well, thank you Morticia for getting soaking wet with us!”

– AR, Facebook

“I have to say I was very impressed. I have lived in the spring/woodlands area my whole life and know the folklore and yet our guide “L” was full of tons of information I did not know.”

– Nicholas., Google

“Myself and Raechel just got done with the investigation of Old Town Spring with Belladonna, and it was a blast! Always a great experience with y'all. See y'all soon!”

– Jon, Facebook

“Belladonna was a great tour guide-we learned so much about Old Town Spring and it’s haunted history! I highly recommend it!”

– Katie, Facebook