The Boo Crew

Doc. Strangeway Doc’s Dark Potions

Doc has been performing ghost tours for the Houston, Spring, Tomball, Humble, and surrounding areas for over 10 years.

With an array of talents and abilities to showcase, Doc is a great story teller and tour guide, rated 5 stars by his tour guests.

His knack for knowing how people react to the world around them has helped him develop his ghost tour in a way that no other guide has done.

Follow Doc Strangeway and see his side of the paranormal world that lies beyond…

Morticia Manson Tour the Witching Hour

Lovingly nicknamed the “Redneck Goth”, Morticia has gained a loyal fan club of followers.

Morticia’s tour is fun and informative with sprinkles of sweet-hearted personality and spunk.

If you are paired with Morticia Manson as your guide, you will be greeted with warm southern charm and will leave feeling like part of her family.

Morticia’s passion for history and folklore shines through her every night as she guides willing passengers through the veil of the unknown. Morticia has been with Houston Ghost Tour for over 5 years and has developed her own unique version of the Old Town Spring tour that no other tour guide will do.

Edward S. Burns Meet Edward S. Burns

Ed Burns is a spooky fellow who takes pride and joy in giving a ghost tour you will not forget.

Joining Houston Ghost Tour in 2015, Edward has quickly risen to the top as a 5 star rated tour guide.

Developing his own version of the Houston Ghost Tour, Ed has added his own magical flair – the spooky persona that many guides struggle to find.

The spooky factor is well with Edward S. Burns, and yet, his kindness seeps through his facade a bit, and you somehow feel calm and sure that you will make it through the tour with more than you came for.

A talented and expressive tour guide, Ed will give you an amazing experience on the Houston Ghost Tour.

L. Librarian by day, tour guide by night.

L. is full of interesting knowledge and wants to share with you.

On tour with L. you’ll have a fun and energetic guide who is known for her spunk and animated storytelling.

A writer and huge horror movie buff, L. is always looking for her next spooky story.

Along with her extensive knowledge of the occult and paranormal, she has studied magic and mysticism and is an expert on superstitious lore. Go ahead, ask her!

L. is ready to give you a great ghost tour – are you prepared to learn something new, and feel the paranormal?

Belladonna Meet Belladonna

Belladonna will take you through the haunted streets of Old Town Spring and share her passion for ghost hunting with you. Our lead paranormal investigator, Bella is trained and experienced in ghost hunting 101, and will be your perfect guide for an evening of ghost hunting.

Why ghost hunt with professionals? Take a walk with trained and experienced guides as they show you the paranormal world beyond your view. Explore haunted places with experts who know how to contact spirits, and know the secret locations to hunt for them. Our team will guide you through each step, introduce you to each story behind the haunting, and help you interpret any findings in photos, apps, and hunting tools.

It’s loads of fun! Prepare for a spooky night with Belladonna!

Victoria Meet Victoria

Victoria Mundae’s sunny disposition shines like a candle flame as she takes you through the darkest streets of Spring.

Victoria’s passion and love of folklore, history, and occult makes her the perfect tour guide for those seeking to learn and explore a haunted town. Let Victoria take you down winding alleyways, cobblestone paths, and dark corridors as she weaves tales of mystery, history, and mayhem.

A self-proclaimed “spirit medium”, Victoria can hear and speak to spirits. While on her tour, you may encounter ghosts with a story to tell. This unique ability gives Victoria Mundae an advantage over other guides, as she will use her abilities on her ghost tours.

Bubbly and witty, Victoria’s charm is a highlight on our tours. Are you prepared for an enlightening, joyous, and adventurous time with Victoria Mundae?

Bonny Receptionist

Bonny will welcome you to the tour at our check-in station, where she will introduce you to your tour guide. Bonny joins us during busy tour times, and large tour groups.

Logan Guiding Spirit

Logan helps guide the back of the tour group to ensure everyone stays together in one cohesive group, without anyone missing out on the tour experience. Logan’s humor and wit helps keep everyone calm while on tour.

David Guiding Spirit

David helps guide the back of the tour group to ensure everyone stays together in one cohesive group, without anyone missing out on the tour experience. David’s strong energy helps give everyone peace of mind while on tour.

Reviews on the Boo Crew

"“My wife and I went on the Tomball tour last night. We had an amazing time and our tour guide Doc Strangeway was awesome. I highly recommend doing one of their tours. I promise you won’t be disappointed”

– Andy, Facebook

“My husband and I went on our first ghost tour for a date night. We had Doc as our tour guide and it was amazing! My husband is a huge history buff. I’m a huge paranormal buff. It’s was a perfect mix of the two! And Doc was an awesome tour guide. I would highly recommend requesting him.”

– Amanda, Facebook

“Loved the tour with Morticia! We went for my birthday on a private tour with a wide range of ages. She kept us on our toes and was so interactive! Even entertained our crazy notions! Thank you again for a great night!"

– Jessica, Facebook

“We did the Old Spring Town Tour with Morticia Manson this past Saturday and we had a great time. It was pouring rain and our awesome tour guide braved the rain and took us on a spooky tour of this wonderful town. We took some great pictures and we plan on going back and doing the rest of the tours as well, thank you Morticia for getting soaking wet with us!”

– AR, Facebook

“I have to say I was very impressed. I have lived in the spring/woodlands area my whole life and know the folklore and yet our guide “L” was full of tons of information I did not know.”

– Nicholas., Google

“Myself and Raechel just got done with the investigation of Old Town Spring with Belladonna, and it was a blast! Always a great experience with y'all. See y'all soon!”

– Jon, Facebook

“Belladonna was a great tour guide-we learned so much about Old Town Spring and it’s haunted history! I highly recommend it!”

– Katie, Facebook