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Doc. Strangeway Owner & Lead Tour Guide

13 Years Experience
Most Requested Guide

From: Born and raised in Houston, TX.

About Doc: Doc has a strange way of telling ghost stories and history that will engage you and change your view of the world around you. His talent for entertainment has crafted our company, and his creation has led many other guides and entertainers to success.

What to expect on Doc’s tour: A fun, entertaining, and exciting look into the paranormal and history around Houston. Doc prides himself on giving people a memory they will never forget.

Doc’s hobbies: His favorite food is roasted rattlesnake. He loves a good bottle of ‘shine, and tries his hand at cards and tricks in his spare time. Doc has mastered local history, and has been an occult and paranormal expert for over 2o years. He loves twangy country music that makes you want to stick a piece of hay in your teeth.

L. Tour Guide Director

10 Years Experience
Friendly & Experienced Guide

From: Raised in The Woodlands, TX.

About L.: When you meet L. for the first time, you will be welcomed by her warm and genuine energy. Passionate and knowledgeable, L. is a fantastic storyteller. She wants her guests to feel engaged in the stories she tells, so her main focus is to attract the crowd’s full attention. L. is the exclusive writer and editor of the website and scripts.

What to expect on L.’s tour: L. weaves a myriad of stories into your mind as you follow her through town. With a welcoming and kind personality, she will give you a night filled with new knowledge and information, told with a flair that will leave you craving more.

L.’s hobbies: L. is a Librarian by day, and tour guide by night. She loves tacos, the show Forensic Files, and is obsessed with Billie Eilish. L. has a large collection of horror movies, and Stephen King Books. If you ever visit her, she will force you to watch at least 1 of the movies in her collection.

Professor Lovecraft Assistant Tour Guide Director

4 Years Experience
Top Rated Guide

From: Born and raised in College Station, TX.

About the Professor: Professor Lovecraft, popularly known as “Doctor Love”, is passionate about learning. He has never been on a tour that he didn’t learn something from the spirits he met along the way. His well-rounded personality will make you feel as comfortable as possible. Paranormal investigating is a passion of his, which makes him excited to guide you during your ghost hunting or ghost tour adventure.

What to expect on The Professor’s tour: He truly loves the historical aspect of working for Houston Ghost Tour. Expect a good time, a few bumps in the night, and a very good story to tell afterwards. The Professor will teach you how to commune with those on the next plane, and will never dismiss your fears. Instead, he will aide you in rising above them.

The Professor’s Hobbies: Professor Lovecraft is into studying philosophy, history and writing. He spends his off time with family, and enjoys yard work and gardening. He loves carpentry, reading, and his two dogs.

Lady Sol Bilingual Lead Tour Guide

1 Year Experience
Family Favorite Guide

From: Born and raised in Houston, TX.

About Lady Sol: A free spirit with a passion for history and an innate desire to tell stories, Lady Sol has a never-ending quest for knowledge and an open heart and mind for people as well as the paranormal. 

What to expect on Lady Sol’s tour: Lady Sol wants to take you back to the time and place in history where it all began, and paint a picture so vivid, it stays with you. Her passion for storytelling and the paranormal form together into a cohesive mix, as she tells the tales of those gone long ago. 

Lady Sol’s hobbies: Lady Sol is a writer, music and film enthusiast, and is obsessed with the sixties and seventies. She loves to read, sing, and paint in her free time. When not on tour or harnessing her creative side, you can find her at antique shops or spending time with her family. 

Lady Sol ofrece tours en español. Puedes programar uno aquí: Excursion de Espiritos en Espanol

Mortem Lead Tour Guide

10 Months Experience 
Top Rated Guide

From: Born and raised in Houston, TX

About Mortem: Mortem thrives on the night and the darker side of life. Their insatiable thirst for the macabre gives them a knack for the gruesome, dastardly, and disturbing, which they thrive on sharing with their tour guests.

What to expect on Mortem’s tour: If you’re looking for a taste of the darkest side of Houston, Mortem is waiting with a sinister smile to share every gory detail with you. They aim to delight, disturb, and frighten you, so hold on to your hats for a thrill.

Mortem’s hobbies: When they aren’t scaring mortals, they can be found reading books on serial killers, or searching for new pieces of taxidermy to add to their growing collection. While they love to live in the present, they have a healthy obsession with the 1980’s, and it has greatly influenced their wardrobe. Mortem also enjoys cooking, reading Tarot, writing, and playing with animals.

Amethyst Tour Guide

From: Born and raised in Houston, TX

About Amethyst: Amethyst’s warm, bright, and bubbly attitude surrounds you as she performs her tours. With a quirky flair, her tours are exciting, informative, and laced with tons of fun. Family oriented and dedicated, she brings a kindhearted and friendly vibe to her tours.

What to expect on Amethyst’s tour: Amethyst aims to give you the same sensation of sitting around a campfire, listening to your favorite ghost stories as you feel the warmth of the flames, and that nostalgic feeling of s’mores in your tummy. She aims to give her guests memories that last a lifetime.

Amethyst’s hobbies: When she’s not performing tours, Amethyst enjoys spending time with family, refurbishing antique furniture, or crafting and creating something new and beautiful out of something broken and old. Aptly called Amethyst due to her obsession with crystals, her collection borderlines too many! On her off days she enjoys browsing antique shops or grabbing drinks with friends.

Koryn Guiding Spirit Team Lead

3 Years Experience 

From: Born and raised in Conroe, TX.

About Koryn: The picture of southern charm, Koryn is a little bit country, and a little bit rock and roll. She loves old buildings, historical places, and seeking the spirits who seem to call to her no matter where she is.

What to expect on Koryn’s tour: Koryn pairs her love for history with her knack for sensing the paranormal around her, giving her guests a friendly, interactive experience. Her focus is to understand the unseen and the unknown, and share what she has found with her guests.

Koryn’s hobbies: Koryn is a huge Tim Burton fan, loves pizza, and enjoys dancing and outdoor activities. She seeks positive and uplifting music and wants her life to be guided by hope and love.

Bonny Hospitality Team Lead

3 Years Experience 

From: Born and raised in Conroe, TX.

About Bonny: Bonny  loves sharing personal experiences, stories, and history with people before they start the tour, because she feels that it sets the mood for the evening. She feels that being a part of the Boo Crew has made her a part of a family unit, giving her a workplace full of friendship, love, and fun.

What to expect when you meet Bonny: Bonny will greet you with a friendly smile, take your tickets and get you checked-in, and will direct you to your guide for the evening. She can answer any questions you may have about the tour, tell you a little bit about what to expect, and help you purchase merchandise from our sales table.

Bonny’s hobbies: Bonny loves the dark and macabre side of things, and is an avid fan of sci-fi, horror, and fantasy books, movies, and tv. Bonny’s favorite food is sushi, and she loves heavy metal music.

Rae-Lynn Perkins Company Photographer

Rae-Lynn is a professional photographer from Oakdale, Louisiana, and Houston Ghost Tour’s primary company photographer.

An absolute delight full of old fashioned southern charm, Rae-Lynn makes her clients feel at ease, and can bring out your best side and boost your confidence to ensure the very best poses and pictures.

Rae-Lynn is available for private sessions.
See her portfolio and contact her on Facebook:
Email her for a booking: [email protected]
Call to book a session: (318) 787-9913

Our Home Shop - Creations Market and Workshop Clothing, jewelry, accessories, home items, gifts, art, and so much more!

Before the tour, be sure to stop in at our home shop. Creations offers many great gifts and goods for every person on your list. From candles and soaps, to clothing, to outdoor games – Creations has a delightful selection that will bring you back time and time again! The owners are friendly and welcoming, and will dispense a healthy dose of good ol’ Texas southern charm, as you shop ’til you drop. We look forward to having you!

311 Main St
Spring, TX

What Customers are Saying

Doc Amazing time

“My wife and I went on the Tomball tour last night. We had an amazing time and our tour guide Doc Strangeway was awesome. I highly recommend doing one of their tours. I promise you won’t be disappointed”

– Andy, Facebook
Professor Lovecraft Everything I didn't know it would be

"I've done a ghost tour before, but this was my first ghost hunt. It was so fun, and was everything I didn't know it would be. Our tour guide was also so awesome. We had Professor Lovecraft (aka Dr. Love). He was very knowledgeable about the history and made it fun, and he was very funny. Totally recommend the ghost hunt!"

– Romie C, Yelp
a close up of a sign
Lady Sol (aka Viv) Well worth the money

"Viv (Lady Sol) was our tour guide and we had a great time. She was very knowledgeable and kept the stories entertaining. I would highly recommend this tour. Well worth the money."

– StangChik72, Tripadvisor
Doc Perfect mix of history and paranormal

“My husband and I went on our first ghost tour for a date night. We had Doc as our tour guide and it was amazing! My husband is a huge history buff. I’m a huge paranormal buff. It’s was a perfect mix of the two! And Doc was an awesome tour guide. I would highly recommend requesting him.”

– Amanda, Facebook
a close up of a sign
L. Can't wait to take another tour

“I loved L and her knowledgeable true crime tour. She answered any and all questions and kept it all interesting. It was hot the night we went but it was still great and there were opportunities to sit and listen along the way. It's a cool tour and a cool town with tons of history! Definitely can't wait to take another tour.”

– Regenia H, Tripadvisor
L. Very impressed

"I have to say I was very impressed. I have lived in the spring/woodlands area my whole life and know the folklore and yet our guide “L” was full of tons of information I did not know."

– Nicholas., Google
Professor Lovecraft Astounded

"Professor Lovecraft was AMAZING. My husband and I went on a ghost hunt last night in Old Town Spring and were astounded by the level of professionalism Professor showed us. We were able to experience things like no other and we will definitely be back!!!"

– Brooke G., Facebook
a close up of a sign
Professor Lovecraft Encountering real spirits in Old Town Spring Texas

"My husband & I did a ghost hunt with Dr. Lovecraft & it was enlightening & a fun experience. We would suggest it to anyone who is interested in finding out about the sixth most haunted city in the US. Had a great time!"

– A Tripadvisor Reviewer, Tripadvisor