• May 18th

Séance Dinner and Ghost Tour

Quick Details

Séance and Ghost Tour Party

Séance Dinner

The event will begin as soon as dinner winds down. We will gather around a long table with ghost hunting tools and equipment such as Ouija Board, Spirit Apps, Divining Rods, Pendulums, Tarot Cards, EMF detector, Spirit Photography, and Automatic Writing. You will learn a brief history of Seances through the ages, and learn how to make contact with spirits in Old Town Spring. We will guide you through the entire experience and teach you the best ways to make contact. Our Seance can be very intense, so no one under the age of 17 is permitted.

Ghost Tour or Ghost Hunt

After the Seance event, we will go on tour in Old Town Spring, and learn the haunted history of town. You have your choice of joining either the Hunt or the Tour. The Tour is a historical and entertaining walk while you learn mysteries and legends around the town. The Ghost Hunt is a paranormal investigation with facts and info about seeking communication with ghosts, as you gather in haunted locations using tools to try and make contact. You may choose to attend either event, and you do not have to decide which one to take until after the Seance is over.

Important notes:

  • Please ensure you have entered a correct email address, as further instructions will be emailed to you about this event.
  • Adults only, 18 and up with ID
  • No obviously inebriated guests will be permitted. This is to ensure the success of our seance and enjoyment for our guests. Thank you for your consideration.


  • Chevron down Please Be Aware
  • Some seances can be very intense and sometimes scary. In the event that you find yourself having a panic attack, feeling overwhelmed, or any discomfort, step away from the séance and alert our staff. We are trained to handle these types of situations and will be standing by for assistance. (See disclaimers for important notes on this)

    *We cannot guarantee ghosts. Our Seance and Ghost Tour event is meant to be an entertaining and exciting look into the history and legends around Old Town Spring. Our Seances are typically highly successful in making spirit contact, however, just as we cannot guarantee you will join us on our adventure, we cannot guarantee ghosts will join us or make contact.

  • Chevron down Important Disclaimers and Information

    We are currently forecast to have a cold and rainy February. We want you all to be as comfortable as possible! If the weather is too bad to hold the event, we will not be able to issue refunds, however, we will do a rain-check and hold the event on a different date. We will then choose a date and time to hold the event when the weather permits us to hold it.You will also be able to use the credit value of your purchase to use on another ghost tour or event if you so choose. In this case, you would be issued a credit with our company, and you can use it at any time, on any available tour or event!

    Creations Workshop is not responsible for this event. In the case of emergencies, please call 911, or alert HGT staff. Please use caution if you have a heart condition, anxiety disorders, or weak constitutions. Some seances can be very scary or intense. If you come to a point of being overwhelmed, feeling sick, or needing a break from the séance, please either alert our staff, or walk away from the group. Our staff is trained to know exactly what to do in these situations, and can help you. Please see our website for full tour and event disclaimers, warnings, and terms and conditions. All tarot readings, seances, and information given during the séance are for entertainment purposes only, and are not intended to give medical or psychiatric advice. Houston Ghost Tour and Creations Workshop is not liable or responsible for how you may interpret the information you are given in your readings or while participating in the event. What you take away with you is your own personal experience.