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Seance & Ghost Tour

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Houston Ghost Tour

Seance & Ghost Tour

Have you ever wondered what might be on the other side of death? In the Victorian era, Seances were very popular. Today, we will reenact a traditional seance, while learning how to properly speak to ghosts without causing chaos or harm. Professional Paranormalists will join together to show you how, and help you enjoy an evening full of fun and spirit contact!

We will be attempting to contact several spirits located in the area of our event location. A young couple who died right before their wedding day, and soldiers of war who are still reenacting their last battle. Come and see why our Seances have been rated an amazing night of fun!

Listen to the Spirits Speak

We will teach you how to use ghost hunting equipment such as EMF readers, lights, pendulum, EVP recorders, and more. You will learn the fascinating history of Old Town Spring, and hear the stories of those who died that we will be attempting to contact. What might they say to you?

In this special event, Saul Ravencraft will be joining our team of historians to lead people through the techniques of spirit connection that have been practiced in the seance room for more than a century. You’ll learn to open up, to invite and perceive the quiet whispers of the spirit world. You’ll also learn how to protect yourself from unwanted connections.

DISCLAIMER: You must be 17 or older to attend. Some events have been quite intense for some people.

Schedule of Events – Sept 27th and Oct 4th, 2019

  • 7:00pm: Check-in, Refreshments, Tarot Readings
  • 7:45pm: Ghost Tour
  • 9:00pm: Seance Performance