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Seance Spirit Session

Quick Details

Spirit Session Ages 17+

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Spirit Session & Ghost Tour

Have you ever wondered what might be on the other side of death? Our team will join together to help you enjoy an evening full of fun and spirit contact! Will you see or hear from the Ghost Bride, killed before her wedding day? Shadows of spirits from Native Americans to civil war soldiers – Come and see why our Seances have been rated an amazing night of fun!
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Listen to the Spirits Speak
You will learn the fascinating history of Old Town Spring, and hear the stories of those who died that we will be attempting to contact. What might they say to you?
– Gather around a table with friends and acquaintances and learn how to make spirit contact
– Use tools and techniques with your instructors
– Enjoy snacks and refreshments while you relax and unwind
– Hear fascinating history and information about Old Town Spring
Tarot readings will be available during the refreshment break, and after the session.

DISCLAIMER: You must be 17 or older to attend. Some events have been quite intense for some people.

Valentine’s Day 2020

  • 8:00pm: Meet & Greet, Refreshments
  • 8:20pm: Spirit Session
  • 9:30-10:00pm: Session ends, Tarot readings, Q&A

What is a Victorian Spirit Session all about?
What was it like at a Victorian Era Seance? We will discuss why the Victorians believed their techniques worked, and why we still like to use these simple yet effective ways in our sessions today. Hold hands to conjure power and energy, use automatic writing, listen through a spirit horn for voices, watch as flashlights turn on and off to answer your questions, and receive messages from the beyond – all of this and so much more can be expected at this Spirit Session. Learn how  to properly channel and properly close yourself off from the harmful things that may attempt contact. You will immerse yourself in the past, and open yourself to new experiences, while learning to block that which could harm.
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What to Expect During the Seance
Our seance experience is very natural, and can sometimes be very intense for people. We do make contact with many different types of spirits and entities. We do not, however, prefer to contact family members of the guests at the event. Though they do sometimes make an appearance.
This is not a hokey psychic performance. You will interact with the tools and techniques along with your instructors. This is an open invitation to experience the paranormal world around you, using vintage techniques known to help encourage contact.
Keep in mind these experiences can get quite personal, however, you will have the option to decline if you choose not to share personal information with the group.
Your Hosts L. and Doc will lead the Session:
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We can’t wait to meet you!
You can view more photos from our previous sessions HERE.

Testimonials from previous Spirit Sessions
We really enjoyed it. – Anne, Spirit Session, August 2018
That was intense. I am a skeptic, but now I really can’t deny what I heard and experienced at the Seance. Thanks for the fun! – Andre, Spirit Session, November 2018
We had a lot of fun, and [Owners] really know what they are doing. We will definitely be coming back. Thank you. – Mary, Spirit Session, June 2019
I’ll be very honest and say I typically stay away from paranormal not because I’m a skeptic but because I’m not. So thank you [sec] for the experience. – Carrie, Private Session with friends, October, 2019