Frequently Asked Questions

  • Chevron down What is a ghost tour?
  • Our tours are a real life ghost story for you to experience first-hand! You meet your entertaining, fun, and informative tour guide in a haunted town where they share spooky tales of history and folklore at each stop. We show you real haunted locations, real stories, and real paranormal legends.

    Eerie and spooky, our Texas ghost tours send a chill down your spine. We are not a haunted house, but everything you experience will be real and paranormal. Are you ready to step into the haunted Old West?

  • Chevron down Will I see a ghost on tour?
  • Believe it or not, we cannot make ghosts appear on cue. But, every single week, we catch strange visions on camera, see weird shapes in the dark, and experience that tingle on the back of our neck that someone or someTHING might be watching us…

    Our tours are designed to show you the haunted history of town, and help you explore the paranormal world around you. Some strange things have happened to us out there on tour over the years. Keep your mind open to the possibilities and your senses on alert, and get ready for an experience!

  • Chevron down What is the difference between the family-friendly and R-rated version of the tour?
  • Family Friendly: ALL AGES – Our family-friendly Houston ghost tours are edited especially for the squeamish, and are suitable for young audiences. Think of the family tour as more of a campfire ghost story, and mainly a history tour. This tour is also only one hour long, and a shorter route through town.

    R Rated: AGES 13 AND UP ONLY – The R-rated tours are an hour and 30 minutes, and take you to more locations. We do not hold back on the gruesome, dastardly, shocking tales, and give you the full version of the story.

    General Admission: ALL AGES – Any age is welcome to join this tour, from ages 5 to 100!

    In some locations it is also okay to bring alcoholic beverages, but please ask us before bringing them, as some locations do not allow it.

  • Chevron down How long is the tour?
  • Our family-friendly and/or general admission tour is a one-hour walking tour, while our R-rated tours are an hour and 30 minutes long. We walk to each haunted spot, and some areas will have seating available while you are listening to the story.

  • Chevron down Are children allowed on the tour?
  • Our family friendly and/or general admission tour is for all ages, though we do not recommend children under 5 attend due to the nature of the tour. We find that children between the ages of 6 and 12 love ghost tours!

    Our R rated tour is for ages 13 and up only. If you bring young children to this tour you will be asked to reschedule for the family friendly or general admission tour. This tour has mature content that is pg-13 or R rated, so parents are strongly cautioned if their child is under the age of 17.

  • Chevron down Is this place really haunted?
  • We get this question a lot. In our line of work, hauntings are a regular occurrence in everyday places. We believe that there are ghosts almost everywhere, they are simply waiting for the right person to make contact and acknowledge their presence. Our team of investigators and history buffs have researched hundreds of hours of documents and word-of-mouth experiences that lead us to believe that yes, something paranormal is going on here. Whether you want to believe they are ghosts, or simply the mind playing tricks – we leave that up to you to decide. At Houston Ghost Tour, our main goal is to promote local history, legend, and folklore in a way that is entertaining, educational, and fun. It’s what we’re all about!

  • Chevron down What if it rains?
  • Dress for the weather – we go on, rain or shine!

    All of our ghost tours are outdoors, so please wear comfortable closed-toe shoes, and wear clothes according to the current weather forecast. We tour rain or shine on most occasions, so bring an umbrella if it calls for rain!

    Weather cancellations – We will only cancel the tour if the weather is deemed unsatisfactory for the tour to be held. For example, if the rain is heavy and there is lightning, if the rain is so heavy we cannot navigate or see/hear the guide clearly, or if there is known flooding along the tour route. If you book a rainy day tour and it gets cancelled, you may reschedule to any acceptable date you wish.

    We will still hold the tour if it is a light sprinkle.

  • Chevron down What do I need to bring?
  • Please print out your tickets, or use your phone to show your tickets to your tour guide. We will already have your reservation if you booked online, if you are unable to pull up your tickets.

    You will be walking on all of our tours, so please wear appropriate clothing. we ask you: please, no high heel shoes, no flip flops, and no open sandals. We recommend tennis shoes, sneakers, or boots. We walk through dirty terrain in some locations, so it is best to have the proper footwear.

    We use a lot of bug spray in Texas. we recommend you spray some on beforehand. You are more than welcome to bring it with you to use on tour.

    We do not always have water provided, so please bring some water with you. During warmer months, IT WILL BE HOT!

  • Chevron down Can I take photos?
  • Yes! You’ll want to have a camera to capture your tour and perhaps get ghost pictures to show your friends! Cell phone cameras work well for our ghost tours, with or without flash. Please no video recording without written permission from the owner.

  • Chevron down Which tour is your most popular/paranormally active?
  • Our most popular ghost tour is in Old Town Spring because of its paranormal activity, haunted spots, and stories. We get the best pictures and have the most experiences on our Spring tour. Our Houston tour follows close behind in popularity, for its creepy vibes and creepy spots. No matter how many people are in Hermann Park, it’s spooky at night. Want a super spooky experience? Book a Ghost Hunt!

  • Chevron down Do I need a reservation?
  • To be certain a tour is happening in the location of your choice, make sure you book a tour with us first. To make a reservation, book online, email or call us.

  • Chevron down Can I pay cash instead of paying online?
  • Yes, definitely. You still need to have a reservation, so be sure to call or email us to secure your spot on tour.

  • Chevron down How many people will be on my tour?
  • Our limit is 25 people per tour guide. During our peak season, we will have more than one tour guide available in each location to perform the tour on alternating routes to ensure maximum flow. Most tours (in low season) will have between 4 and 20 people in attendance. (Peak season – August-November / Low season – December-July)

    If you book a party with more than 25 people we will make arrangements with you that suit your party’s needs. We can accommodate up to 250 people in one night, so do not worry, no party size is too big!

  • Chevron down Can I tip my tour guide?
  • Giving your Houston Ghost Tour guide a tip is a fabulous way for them to know you loved your ghost tour. We really love applause on our tours. Your satisfaction is our highest goal when we give a ghost tour!

    Also, reviewing us on Facebook, TripAdvisor, and Yelp, are very helpful for us, so we can learn how our guests are enjoying our tours.

  • Chevron down Are the tours scary?
  • Our family-friendly tours are appropriate for all ages. These tours are full of spooky facts and interesting tidbits, while being fun and entertaining. Our R-rated tours are reserved for adults only, and are fun and entertaining.

    We are not a haunted house or a scary experience. WE DO NOT HAVE ANYONE WHO WILL JUMP OUT AND SCARE YOU. We are a haunted history entertainment tour. Our guides are fun and exciting, while sharing spooky stories and interesting lore. We do occasionally experience real paranormal activity, such as physical sightings, photos we can’t explain, voices from nowhere, and much more. Most people who go on tour with us say they have some kind of paranormal experience while on tour. Are you ready to have your experience?

  • Chevron down Are your tours wheelchair accessible?
  • Though our tours are mostly wheelchair accessible, there are some pathways that may be difficult to navigate depending on time of year, and weather circumstances within the area. Please be prepared to navigate according to the situation. Our team members are trained to edit our route to ensure your wheelchair is able to move along the tour safely.

  • Chevron down Where can I park?
  • Old Town Spring – Parking lot behind the historical museum, or parallel parking.

    Houston – Parking lot in roundabout near statue meeting place. This lot is very busy. We recommend coming at least 10 minutes early to guarantee a parking spot.

    Tomball – Parking lot next to the train station.

    Humble – Parallel parking, or parking lot.

  • Chevron down Anything else I should keep in mind?
  • During Halloween season, we have a lot of people who attend the tours. If you would like a more intimate or spooky experience, try a private group tour. Our large tours are lots of fun, but make it harder to feel the spooky vibe in some cases, as larger crowds usually mean more excitement.

  • Chevron down What time should I arrive?
  • Our ghost tours start promptly at their scheduled time. If you are going to be more than 10 minutes late to your tour, you will have to reschedule for another tour time that evening, or to another date if there are no remaining ghost tours that night.

    We leave the starting area by 10 minutes after start time, so there will be no one at the meeting area after that until the end of our tour. Most people find it easiest to put the address into their GPS and arrive at least 10-20 minutes before the tour begins to guarantee they can locate our tour location meeting place.