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Tarot Workshop

Quick Details

A special workshop designed for the intermediate to advanced Tarot reader to enjoy fellowship with other passionate Tarot Readers!

Admission For 1 workshop meeting. Ages 13 and up.
Membership Includes monthly admission to the workshop, one card reading per month from your chosen reader, and one-on-one guidance.

Tarot Card Workshop
Join us each month for our Tarot Workshop and learn a new spread each meeting! The meeting starts with a warmup activity to get our mind and spirit ready to read. Then we begin with a special reading that our team created specifically for the group. Share your experiences and learn from one another as you meet others with a passion for Tarot. The workshop was created by request for an intermediate to advanced class. Refreshments are provided.
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What to expect at the meeting
Join passionate people in learning new spreads, discuss your personal experiences, and delve deeper into the realm of Tarot with our Tarot team. Each workshop will include fun activities like crafts, specific readings that will match your goals, and fun advice on how to get the most out of your readings.

No matter if you are a seasoned card reader or an intermediate one, our Tarot Workshop is a great place to make new friends, share your experiences, and practice the art of Tarot.
a group of people sitting at a table

Please note, the workshop is not the same as our Tarot Tea Party. For a more elegant experience and for those who are new to Tarot, we recommend joining our next Tarot Tea Party, located at The Tea Kettle Cafe!

Sign up for the Tarot Workshop

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Receive a detailed and personalized reading of your choice each month from your chosen Tarot team member, as well as admission to our Workshop every month for only $35, a $65 value!
You will receive guidance and be able to contact your reader for questions and insight. This is an amazing offer that gives you the chance to have your own Tarot coach to chat with when you need a reading or advice.
Choose a reader you connect with, and chat with them by phone, email, or text. You will receive your customized reading each month either on your own schedule, or on a specific date that you choose.
The membership will renew each month on the 1st of the month, and can be cancelled at any time.
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