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Tarot Readings

Choose your spread:

Basic Spread – A reading of 5 to 7 cards, focusing on an important question. You will receive a photo and/or video of the cards in the reading, and a descriptive email containing the information provided in the cards. This is a great reading for insight or clarity, and is simple to understand.

Spiral Reading – Get deeper with a spiral reading, containing detailed information about your current situation, how the past played into it, and what to look forward to. You will receive a photo and/or video of your reading, and a detailed email containing the information from the cards. These readings can get more intense, so be prepared for lots of info!

Life, Love, and Direction Reading – A detailed reading focusing on your love life and what direction it is heading, and how it will affect your life. You will receive photos and/or a video of your cards, along with a detailed description of the reading. This reading will be very in depth and detailed, and get deep into the subconscious for  insight and to receive information from the universe.

Fairy Oracle Reading – Faerie folk are tricky and mischievous. They want to test your resolve, and see what you are made of. They seek to tell you what you are keeping from yourself, to provide the most insight into the big question: what do I really need to know? These readings are special and complicated. Lindy uses a special fairy oracle deck, and will send you photos and/or video of your reading and email a detailed description of your cards and information they contain. These readings are great for reassurance, hope, and a kick in the pants. Be prepared for some interesting cards!

About Your Reader

Lindy Thomas has been reading Tarot for 13 years, and gets immense joy out of helping people along their path. Her readings are intuitive and highly detailed. She uses various spreads and techniques depending on the reading that you request, specializing in the spiral reading and fairy oracle. Her approach is similar to a life coach, in that her readings have a positive and informational aspect, along with advice from the cards.


All readings come with a detailed email containing photos and/or videos and detailed information about each card. You will receive a letter from your reader that has been personalized for you. We never seek you out on social media to “cold read” you before your reading, and go only by the email, message, and first name you provide at your booking.

Most readings are done within 2 days, but can take up to 7 days depending on the current schedule of readings. When yours is ready, we will email it to you, so keep checking!