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Family Friendly Old Town Spring Ghost Tour

Recommended for all ages

Quick Details

Visit this famous haunted Old West town on the premier Ghost Tour in Spring, while tour guides take you to the most historic haunted locations in the area. Hear great history and folklore along with local ghost stories, told in a fun and entertaining way. Great for the whole family! Or for an extra scare, book our R rated version!

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Tours Every Night, Year-Round
Adults Ages 13 and up
Children Ages 6 to 12 With accompanied adult
Students (with ID) & Seniors (ages 65 and up)
Children under 5 With accompanied adult
First Responders & Active or Veteran Military Must bring valid work or veteran ID

Entertainment Families Can Enjoy Together
Our Family Friendly Ghost Tour is a fun jaunt through Old Town Spring where you will follow your guide down the streets of a haunted town, learning history, mystery, and ghost stories along the way. Specifically designed with families in mind, this tour is a lighthearted excursion fit for any age.

Dolls Known to Move on Their Own
One of the most popular stops on the Family Friendly Ghost Tour is the Doll Hospital. Featured on The Travel Channel, the Doll Hospital claims to be plagued by haunted dolls. Sometimes known to move an arm, or bat an eye, see if you can spot the dolls moving inside the building as you peek through the windows after dark!

Infamous Bank Robbers, Military School, and Ring Around the Rosie
See the first town bank that was robbed by a famous duo. Hear the spooky tale of an old Military Barracks turned into a school, where you can occasionally hear ghost children playing and laughing. Then play Ring-Around-The-Rosie with a playful spirit, as long as they aren’t feeling ornery!
Not Your Everyday Ghost Tour
Kids love a good ghost story! So we have collected the very best for you on this tour. Tour guides take you to haunted locations where they highlight tales of whimsical spirit sightings, strange legends, and fascinating history.Join Us Today!
With many more locations and stories waiting to be told, get ready for a fun night in a haunted town that you won’t soon forget. Join us on the Family Friendly Ghost Tour of Old Town Spring, today!

Check out our R rated ghost tour for ages 13 and up!


Ghost Photos Caught on Tour