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Ghost Hunt of Old Town Spring

A fun way to explore historical places while you search for the ghosts that inhabit them.

Quick Details

Search for evidence of the afterlife on a guided investigation of town as you learn some of the haunted stories and legends along the way. Explore the 6th most haunted Old West town in the US, and use tools and techniques to make contact with ghosts. This is one of our most popular activities. What hidden secrets will you uncover?

Nightly, Year-Round
Adult Ages 17 & up only
Active & Veteran Military Valid ID required.

a large brick building with grass in front of a house
Old Town Spring, TX Ghost Hunt & Investigation

This interactive tour gives you and your friends the chance to hunt for ghosts with trained professionals. With over 12 years of experience in touring Old Town Spring, our hunters have the knowledge and the courage to make contact!
Follow your guide through haunted alleyways, down dark cobblestone paths, and through the veil between the spirit world and ours on this 2 hour Ghost Hunt of Old Town Spring while you use tools, techniques, and equipment to enhance your experience.
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The Ghosts of Old Town Spring – Who will make contact with you?
Being an Old West town and due to it’s dense population of Bootleggers in the 20s and 30s, some of the spirits committed dastardly crimes when they were alive. Some of the contact we have made shows strong ties to this era, and the criminal element so deeply rooted in their time period. This type of experience is not for the young or the faint of heart. A young bride killed before her walk down the aisle, still roams the paths of her youth. EVP recordings of the past prostitute workers beckon you to join them. Experience chills from cries and echos of ghost children trapped in time. Watch haunted dolls turn their heads and blink their eyes, and so much more… these entities are eager to talk.
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A Cursed Town Full of Restless Spirits
Said to be cursed by people who were violently removed from their homes, Old Town Spring has many stories that have left the perfect space for haunting. A known home to the ghosts of many ne’er-do-wells, criminals, and gangsters who ran the town in its heyday, Spring still bares the weight of their wrongdoings today. Tormented souls haunt the many buildings and alleyways of town, and seek vengeance for the wrongs that were brought on their families. Visit today on a Ghost Hunt and search for evidence of those who stayed behind.

The Ladies of the Evening Still Beckon You to Come Close

Due to the graphic nature of some of the content received in our communications, we ask that only ages 17 and up join our hunts. Some of our spirit friends are rather ornery, and will speak of R rated topics.
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What to expect:
– Meet your guide in a haunted town
– Walk to different haunted hot-spots along a predetermined route
– Free-style: Move along, or stay in each spot as long as you like
– Get one-on-one instruction and direction from your guide
– Visit locations not seen on any other tour
– Learn history and get involved in their stories
– Use equipment and techniques to make contact with ghosts


Photos of Ghosts Caught on Tour

Your Ghost Hunt Guide will be Professor Max Lovecraft or Professor Luna

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