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Ghost Hunt of Old Town Spring

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Old Town Spring, TX Ghost Hunt & Investigation

Don’t get caught alone at night in Old Town Spring! Let our experts take you on a guided investigation of this ghost town as you learn some of the haunted stories and legends along the way.

  • Explore Spring on a two-hour ghost hunt
  • ​Use vintage type ghost hunting tools*
  • Have a paranormal expert there to answer any questions and help guide you to haunted spots unknown to the public
  • Free style – Go or stay for as long as you like in each haunted spot

Why is it Better to Ghost Hunt with Professionals?

Your paranormal expert will have answers to any questions that may come up. Say you’re searching for spirits, and you find readings you can’t understand. We are here to help with that!

Say you hear something/See something/Experience something scary – what do you do? We are trained for this sort of thing, and can help explain what is happening to you or around you.

We have been to every haunted location in Old Town Spring, and can guide you to every haunted hot-spot that is there. Ask questions! We’re here to help.

Learn about the common tools used to hunt for ghosts, and why we use them. Find out tidbits and facts about the occult and paranormal.

Unfold the mysteries to uncover while searching for spirits – be part of the story!

*This is a very organic experience. We bring old-fashioned divining tools with us to enhance the experience of ghost hunting. Tools such as divining rods, Ouija board, pendulum, lights, temperature monitors, and more, will be used. We find that electronic devices interfere with the energy, and tend to stop working or completely break during the investigations. Due to so many tools being broken or damaged while investigating, we have chosen to use only very basic tools. We have proven that the more organic and vintage type tools are the most successful on our hunts in Old Town Spring.

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