Humble Ghost Tour

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Hauntings in Humble, TX ghost tour

​Humble was the heart of the oil boom of east Texas. Along with several lumber mills, Humble became a perfect place for migrants looking for work and families seeking a new home. So, why are there less people there today, than during the oil boom?

Traverse the streets of old town Humble and search for the spirits left behind in this railroad town

Today, Humble has many secrets. We seek to discover them, and bring them out for history to take on a new era and light. Investigate Humble on this ghost tour for an exciting look into the town’s past. See locations such as the first hospital, school, and county jail.

See where the founder himself, Pleasant Humble, started his business. Follow our tour guide as they share the local legends, hauntings, and stories from the town folk.

Some of the local legends we share with you:

The grandfather ghost legend. The girl in the window, a true story. The Purple Lady. Stories of grave robbers. A haunted hospital. A clinic that stands still as if never changed from the 1930s. Come uncover these secrets on a Humble ghost tour with Houston Ghost Tour!