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Humble Ghost Tour

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Tour the original site of Humble, TX with a group of your closest friends and family as you discover the hidden secrets and mysterious ghost stories deep within the heart of this oil boom town. This tour is exclusively reserved for parties of 6 to 25 people.

General Admission

A Pleasant Place to Rest?
Humble, Texas in modern times is known for its busy businesses, expensive neighborhoods, and growing economy. But did you know there is an Old Town Humble? Many wonder why it is called Humble, with it’s difficult and arduous past. You will find out the origin of its name on our Ghost Tour of Old Town Humble.
Lurking under the unassuming surface, is a town full of mysterious circumstances and grave disturbances, lying in wait for you to uncover.

The Humble Oil Boom
Originally an oil-boom town, many came to the area in search of a better life for their families. Thousands of families traveled hundreds of miles to take part in the bustling business of Humble Oil, only to find themselves risking their lives in this dangerous line of work, where hundreds of people died while working on oil rigs, and derricks.

Oil rig fires, catastrophic disasters, and lumber mill accidents are but a few of the dangerous things that occurred during Humble’s beginnings. Was the money worth the death it caused?

Grave Robbers and Zombie Sightings
Late in the night and deep in the woods, a chilling sight has been reported by residents of this humble town.

Learn about a cursed church rumored to be riddled with Satanic writings and rituals throughout, and the woods around it haunted by what locals describe as a green and rotting corpse. A haunted theater that harbors the soul of a former projectionist. And the restless spirits of graves robbed by delinquents, who have come back to haunt them for their misdeeds.

Visit the Clinic that Stands Still Through Time
A local doctor’s clinic still stands, as a museum to honor the memory of he who poured his heart and soul into the town’s patients. Visit during the day by appointment, but stand outside during the tour to learn more about the clinic’s spooky energy that it gives off, as the Doctor’s tools and equipment stand untouched, just as it was when he was alive.

Grandfather’s Ghost and Disembodied Children’s Laughs
As you gather around what was once the main school in town, you will literally feel eyes watching you from the trees and from the school house above.

Listen to the tragic story of a child who still haunts the upstairs of a house across the street. Who was this child, and why was she locked in the attic for so many years, for no one to see her or play with her? And why do we still hear the laughs of children, when the school has long since been turned into something else?

Hear stories from locals, including one of a woman who traveled to the area from another state, unknowing that her Grandfather had once walked the same streets, and even helped develop the town himself.

Discover these secrets and scary stories on this exciting ghost tour of Humble!

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