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Old Town Spring Ghost Tour

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Thrilling Texas Ghost Town Tour

Orbs will surround you as you follow our fun yet creepy tour guide, as we guide you through faded archways, uneven cobblestone paths, dark alleyways, and the spooky streets of Old Town Spring.

A top favorite tour for all of our staff, a visit to Old Town Spring should be #1 on your list of ghost tour bucket list!

Axe Murderers, Beheadings, Doll parts, Ghost Trains, & More

Old Town Spring is the sixth most haunted Old West Town in the United States. Because of this, we get to share with you some of the most evil, dastardly, and disturbing tales that we’ve been able to collect throughout Spring’s rich history.

Axe murderers, beheadings, stitched up doll parts, ghost trains, cats who harbor the souls of the dead, and hallucinating murderers; the list is long, and we’re dying to tell you on this unforgettable Old Town Spring ghost tour!

A Literal Ghost Town

The strangest things happen after dusk every day. The shop owners throw up their “closed” signs, and hurry out of town as fast as they can.

Some seem to lose their minds, become violent and angry, or completely vanish, never to be heard from again. And by the time our tour starts, we are the only people walking around in what becomes a literal ghost town.