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Old Town Spring Ghost Tour

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Family Friendly
Child (12 and under)
R-Rated Tour
Child (13+)

The 6th Most Haunted Old West Town in the United States
Just north of Houston lies a quaint little town that is full of unique shopping and dining experiences fit for the whole family.

But as soon as the sun sets, frightening things begin to happen. So frightening, that store owners close up shop and get out of town as quickly as possible, not to return until the bright light of day. On our ghost tour you will discover why.

Explore the Rich History of the Mysteries in Spring
Filled with fascinating facts, interesting history, and incredible ghost stories, Old Town Spring should be on the top of your list of places to see in Texas. This Original Railroad Town lies in wait for you to uncover the exciting stories hidden in its past.

Shop owners and residents alike speak of strange apparitions, and experiences that remain a mystery to this day. Our historians have gathered every fact and every piece of information to ensure our tour gives the full array of Old Town Spring’s past.

Cursed Dolls, Wandering Corpses, Disembodied Laughs of Children, and the Curse of the Orcoquisac Tribe
Hear stories of cursed buildings, haunted dolls, unexplained fires, unsolved murders, strange disappearances, and much more. Immerse yourself into the stories as you visit each location and learn its rich history and its horrifying haunting.

Let the tour take you back in time to the Wild West through the early 1900s, as stories are brought back to life by our talented storytellers.
We will lead the way to a new discovery while you enjoy a night full of fun and adventure.

Great for any age, history buffs, adventure seekers, and families alike
Choose from the Family Friendly version of the tour that is geared for small children, edited to be easy on the squeamish, OR choose the R Rated tour for adults (ages 13 and up are permitted) that will give you every gory detail and terrifying story we have uncovered over more than 12 years of historical research.
Murders and Mysteries, Disasters and Horror
Old Town Spring is full of incredible history that will open your mind to new possibilities, enrich your life with fascinating facts, and haunt your dreams with nightmarish folklore and legend. Get right in the middle of the story and explore to your hearts content!

Nationally Recognized Haunted Old West Town
Featured on The Travel Channel, Old Town Spring is a haunted destination that you shouldn’t miss on your trip to Texas. Book your tour today!