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L.’s True Crime History Tour

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L.’s True Crime History Tour

Though Spring is a safe and beautiful city, it has had its fair share of crime through the years. We have collected stories and facts starting from the foundation of the town, dusted for prints of the crimes committed along the way.

Perfect for the True Crime fanatics, this tour is an in depth look at the debauchery, crimes, and dangers throughout Spring’s history.

Hauntings and Crimes

Old Town Spring is known for its haunted history, but did you know that there were crimes committed by some of the most famous robbers in American History? Throughout Old Town Spring’s rich history are some amazing stories of dastardly crimes and infamous ne’er-do-wells who left their marks on the town.

Another Side of Spring

From recent arson, unsolved murders, corrupt law enforcement, bootlegging, stalking, and robberies, to rumors of a child serial killer’s devilish crimes, this 1.5 hour tour will have you checking over your shoulder at every turn. The TRUE CRIME MYSTERY tour is a historical and entertaining look into the most up-to-date crimes and mysteries that have happened in Spring.

True Crime Tour is PG-13, which means children under the age of 13 are not recommended, but are allowed with adult supervision. PARENTS STRONGLY CAUTIONED – These are tales of dark crimes.

  • Chevron down Meeting Location
  • 311 Main St
    Spring, Texas 77373
    in front of Creations Market and Workshop

  • Chevron down What You Should Bring
    • A Camera (Cell phones work with or without flash)
    • Water
    • Bug Repellent
    • An Umbrella if the forecast calls for a chance of rain
  • Chevron down What You Should Wear
    • Comfortable closed toe shoes
    • Dress for the weather
  • Chevron down What You Should Consider
    • This tour is wheelchair accessible
    • Pathway types: Concrete steps, streets, sidewalks, and cobblestone
    • Some local wildlife
    • Local traffic in the area
    • Train nearby
    • We will be outside the entire time