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  • Limited spaces available!

Acrylic Workshop & Ghost Tour

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Create a beautiful masterpiece using an acrylic pour technique, then go on the Old Town Spring Ghost Tour!

Acrylic Workshop & Ghost Tour Per person

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Join us Saturday night from 6pm to 9pm for a one-of-a-kind combo event at Creations Market and Workshop. Start off by learning a special technique with an acrylic pour class, where you will create your own beautiful design on a 10×10 canvas. Let it dry while you visit the tour, and come back at the end to pick it up.
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With multiple paint color choices, and additions like glitter and gemstones, you can create a beautiful piece of art that will last a lifetime! Afterwards, join our tour guide and walk through Old Town Spring on our spooky Ghost Tour.

What better way to have fun while you pamper your artistic side, and to make a lasting memory? Join us this Saturday night!


6pm to 8pm – Workshop
8pm to 9:00pm – Ghost Tour

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Looking inside the ice house

Walk the haunted streets of Old Town Spring with one of our talented and experienced tour guides as they show you the historically haunted locations around town. Learn the ghost stories and legends of Spring and explore well-known haunted hot-spots along the way.

Entertaining, fun, and informative, our ghost tour is known to give you goosebumps! Learn more about what the Old Town Spring Ghost Tour entail here: Old Town Spring Ghost TourĀ Old Town Spring Ghost TourĀ