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Application for Assistant Manager

The Assistant Manager Position is part-time and by contract. Our ideal candidate is self-motivated and outgoing, and highly efficient at setting and achieving goals. The Assistant Manager will maintain current customer and client relations, with a focus on creating new affiliates and business partners around the Houston area to expand awareness of our brand while also assisting in daily company management.

Hours offered will vary depending on seasonal demands, but range anywhere from 0 to 20 hours per week. Hourly work is $15 per hour, with 30% commission for outside sales. Pay is determined by your willingness to work, promote, and sell tickets to tours and secure bookings for private tours and/or events. The Assistant Manager will be paid hourly for any work completed as scheduled.  Commissions are given for sales made by canvassing, promoting, or booth/table sales. Organic customer calls will not incur a commission, with some exceptions, such as upselling.

Job duties include but are not limited to:

  • Cold-call sales
  • Door-to-door sales
  • Canvassing
  • Booth/Table information sales
  • General customer service
  • Creating and maintaining a map of locations of businesses and affiliate relationships
  • Travelling to hotels and businesses to maintain positive affiliate relationships
  • Procurement of new relationships with affiliates and businesses
  • Brochure disbursement and stocking
  • Answering phones and doing follow-up calls
  • Answering emails and assisting customers with bookings
  • Entering emails into our subscriber database
  • Assisting the owner and director with daily, weekly, and monthly tasks as needed

Houston Ghost Tour is a fun and exciting career opportunity full of passionate and creative individuals. Our available positions are all part-time, which give you the ability to keep a day job, with additional fun and occasional income from working with us when it suits your schedule. We have flexible hours and work with you in order to offer a unique addition to your current career path.

Application for Assistant Manager

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