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Killer Bunnies Tournament

Quick Details

Ages 16 and up Donations are encouraged to provide snacks and drinks.


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Killer Bunnies is a fast-paced, exciting card game where you will battle it out to see who wins top Carrot. The purpose of the game is to eliminate your opponents bunnies while trying to keep yours alive, using fandom-based cards and weapons to destroy your enemies.
Your opponents will stop at nothing to destroy you, but you will be armed with unique cards and weapons to throw back at them. This game is competitive, creative, and fun.

Collect carrots, use a flame-thrower to destroy your opponent’s bunnies, throw the Ebola virus at the whole table and watch as the bunnies drop, and try to out-wit the Feed The Bunny cards that force you to starve a bunny if you can’t afford to feed them!

Get ready for an all-out war with this fun table-top card game. Read more about Killer Bunnies, and get your own set on the official website:

The next Killer Bunnies tournament is on February 18th, starting at 1 pm. The game will last until finished, OR, until 4pm. Ages 16 and up are invited to participate in this fun event. Please note that these tournaments can last anywhere from 45 minutes to several hours. If the game stops mid-play, participants will be able to choose to finish the game or come back next time.


a man and a woman smiling for the camera
Your Bunny Leader

Lindy has been playing Killer Bunnies since 2003, and is taking up the reigns from her father, Moon, who was an official Bunny Patrol Leader. Moon hosted many official Killer Bunnies tournaments for several years, and was a proud collector of the game. Lindy is very excited to fill the role of her Dad, who passed away in 2023. Lindy is a member of the official FB fan page, giving her direct contact with the owner and creator of the game.
In Loving Memory of Moon Thomas
1954 – 2023 
Moon was a beloved part of the gaming and alternative community, founder of the Old Town Spring Zombie Walk, and a high school teacher for over 20 years. Moon’s nickname as Bunny Patrol Leader was “Tolky”, and he enjoyed playing the game with his daughters and grandchildren.