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Overnight Investigation | Lavaca County Jail

Quick Details

For one night only – Explore this historic haunted jail in Hallettsville, Texas, only a few hours from Houston, with our expert paranormal investigators. Using state-of-the-art tools and equipment known to guide you to spirit contact – keep your eyes and ears open as you seek to find evidence of the ghosts and spectors inside. This event is for ages 18 and up and perfect for those looking to have an overnight paranormal experience! Hurry! Only 10 spaces are available!

To be announced 9PM TO 4AM
Adults ages 18 and up Must show ID upon arrival

a view of a building
COMING SOON for 2024 – Our 3rd Annual Overnight Investigation of the Old Lavaca County Jail in Hallettsville, Texas
Have you ever wanted to explore a haunted building overnight? Join our team using state-of-the-art paranormal equipment as you explore this historic jail in Hallettsville, Texas, only a few hours from Houston. Haunted by the spectral apparitions of murderers, suicide victims, criminals, and even jailers – this haunted jail has a reputation for ghosts.
the inside of a building
Seek to find evidence of spirit contact. 
Explore the hallways, jail cells, haunted rooms, and offices within this historic building. You will be given full access of the jail to spend hours hunting and investigating its hidden secrets and spectral anomolies. Great for the novice or expert explorer, this paranormal investigation will set up the perfect atmosphere to make contact.
a chair sitting in a room
Investigate and explore.
Previous investigations have found evidence of full body apparitions, photos of orbs and vortexes, and strong feedback in EVPs. Guests and guides have reported hearing voices and whispers, feeling touched or scratched, witnessing apparitions and shadow people, doors closing and opening on their own, footsteps, screaming and crying, and intelligent responses during EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) sessions.
a close up of a brick building
Are you brave enough?
Test your bravery during this six hour investigation of the Old Lavaca County Jail in Halletsville, Texas. Our investigators will guide you through the history and haunted experiences within the walls of this historic site. You will walk through the building on a tour of the inside before breaking off into groups to explore.
a close up of a door
Bring a camera and any equipment you may have!
Prepare yourself for a ghost adventure that you won’t forget. Our team has the knowledge and foresight to make spirit contact with the entities that reside in the jail. Bring a friend or family member you trust – You don’t want to come alone!
a room filled with furniture and a sink
What to Expect and Need-to-Knows
18 and up only. We will check your ID at the door.

You will be required to sign a waiver and agreement to attend and to use our provided equipment.
Our team will have multiple tools and equipment available for use during this event. Feel free to bring your own equipment if you have it. All equipment belonging to Houston Ghost Tour must be signed out with a waiver, and you will be responsible for bringing them back undamaged and in working order. All participants are required to sign waivers of liability and agreement before entering the event. You may request to sign and turn this in beforehand, or you can sign a copy when you get there.

Refreshments provided.
We will provide snacks and drink during this event.

We do not provide lodging.
You will need to book your own hotel room if you need a place to stay after the event. Beds are available to lay down inside the jail during the night if you need a moment to rest, but you must provide your own lodging in the local area if you plan to sleep once you leave the event. Most guests cannot sleep inside the jail, as it is way too creepy/scary! We do NOT recommend driving all the way back home after this event, as you will be staying up for most of the night, but once you leave the event, it is up to you to stay the night somewhere nearby and/or head home safely.

Leave when you are ready.
This is a 6 hour investigation, but many people don’t make it through the entire night! If you get tired, scared, or just cannot continue, you may leave at any time. Please turn in all equipment with the lead investigator and sign them back in.

Prepare yourself.
Do some research on grounding before the event to prepare your mind and body for this experience. Paranormal Investigations can get very intense and scary. Since this jail has seen suicides and murders, and is known for its hauntings, we highly recommend that you prepare yourself for what could happen. We recommend coming with an open mind, and grounding yourself before entering.

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