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Tarot Social Hour

Quick Details

A fun way to develop your skills in Tarot Reading!

Admission For 1 meeting. Ages 13 and up.

Tarot Social Hour
Join us each month at our Tarot Social Hour and learn a new spread each meeting! Share your experiences and learn from one another as you meet others with a passion for Tarot. The Tarot Social Hour was created by request for a beginner to intermediate class. Light refreshments are provided.
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What to expect at the meeting
Join passionate people in learning new spreads, discuss your personal experiences, and delve deeper into the realm of Tarot with our Tarot team. Each workshop will include specific readings that will match your goals, and fun advice on how to get the most out of your readings.

No matter if you are a seasoned card reader or an intermediate one, the Tarot Social Hour is a great place to make new friends, share your experiences, and practice the art of Tarot.

At the gathering we will share tips and techniques, as well as help those who are just starting out. Don’t know anything at all about Tarot cards? We will help you!

We will use a specific spread we have designed to help build your skills, and offer assistance with any questions you have along the way. Share spreads you find successful, learn more details about yourself, and find new ways to read Tarot that will grow your practice.

Creations Market and Workshop offers a laid-back and informal atmosphere for us to share our experiences, learn and laugh together, and discover something new and fun.

After the gathering, join our online group discussion to ask questions, gain guidance, and keep in touch with those you met. We hope you’ll join us once a month for each gathering from now on!

Make new friends, build connections, and grow with us. We look forward to seeing you there!

Please note, the Tarot Social Hour is not the same as our Tarot Tea Party.

Add on a reading or Tarot Deck
During check-out,  you can add-on a Tarot deck for purchase. Choose from our many decks we have available, and use it during class, then take it home!

Want Even More? Request a Detailed Tarot Reading 
There is also an option to request a personalized Tarot reading from one of the teachers. First, choose your type of reading, and we will go into full detail and share our insight with you. Your reading will be sent via email with full text and photos, detailing each card and describing their meaning. Additionally, we may send a video response as well.

Who are the readers? 

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Doc and Lindy are the owners of Houston Ghost Tour, and share 20 years combined in Tarot reading. After 5 successful years of hosting the Tarot Tea Party, they have opened up a new type of class for their guests to enjoy. By popular request, they are now also offering personal readings as an add-on to this class.