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What’s it like to go on a ghost tour?

Are you on the fence about going on the tour?
Want to know more about what it’s like before you go?
We have made the choice a little bit easier for you!

Meet your guide in a haunted town

We have many options to choose from when it comes to fun entertainment. First, choose between a Ghost Tour or Ghost Hunt, and choose what location you would like to explore. Choose from Houston, Old Town Spring, Tomball, or Humble. Then, meet your guide in a haunted location and get ready for some exciting history, ghosts stories, and interactive locations.

Our guides love to dress up to bring the right vibes to the whole experience, so be on the look out for someone dressed to impress.

Once we get started

First off, our entertaining and informative guides will tell you the haunted history of where you will explore, along with the folklore and legends of the area. They will start with introducing you to a brief history of the place you’re standing, and give you instructions and information about how the tour will go. They will ask you some questions such as “have you ever been on a ghost tour before?” Then, get ready to walk the tour!

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Visit Famously Haunted Locations

Each stop along the tour route was meticulously chosen for its creepy history, amazing ghost stories, legends, and folklore. We have gathered some incredible stories to tell you! Hold on to your loved one as we share true events steeped in legends and engraved with eerie ghost stories and sightings of the other world.

Interact with haunted hot-spots

Grab your phones and cameras and get ready for spirit sightings, because one of the best ways to know if a spirit made contact with you while you were on tour is your photos. On a nearly daily basis, we catch photos of orbs, apparitions, vortexes, and faces. This will be your best proof of a spirit sighting! Don’t worry about being touched, or having a physical interaction with a spirit. This is very rare and usually only happens to those who are open to it, or sensitive to the paranormal!

On our Houston tour, you will get to interact with your friends at the Whispering Wall. Here, one person stands on one side, then another person on the other side, and if one of you whispers, the person on the other side can hear you as if you were speaking directly into their ear! Guests report an uneasy feeling as they perform the activity, and if you’re there on a nice night, you might even see a colony of bats fly overhead!

On our Spring tour, play a creepy game of ring-around-the-rosie with our resident ghost-girl, and take a walk through the famously haunted Wunsche Brothers Cafe to visit uncle Charlie’s room. Be sure to go inside our starting location either at the beginning or end of the tour, as Creations Market and Workshop is haunted by the ghost of a little girl who loves to play with our guests and cause mischief in the shop. If you’re extra brave, bring a toy or doll to drop off with the shop owner! Then call or come by the shop again in a few days to hear stories about your toy gift being thrown and moved around in the shop!

These are only some of the spots you get to visit on the tour, so get ready for a night of ghostly encounters.

Where do the stories come from? 

Most of the stories we tell were heavily researched by our team of historians, librarians, and paranormal investigators. Hours of research and development have gone into our events and tours through our 13 years of business. Our passion for history and paranormal coupled with our intensive research and years of experience has created a one-of-a-kind tour experience. You won’t find any other tour like ours.

The stories we share are historically based, where we start by telling you the historical facts about the people and places who are involved within the ghost stories. Then we delve into the paranormal happenings, ghost sightings, and local stories and legends known to surround them. A perfect mix of truth and lore, you will be able to truly examine your surroundings to know who – or what – you’re dealing with!

Watch your step!

Walking down crumbling cobblestone paths, through dark alleyways, under faded archways, and into the paranormal world beyond, our ghost tour takes you to the most active haunted locations in each tour location.

We recommend seeing the tours in this order:
Old Town Spring
Old Town Spring Ghost Hunt

But it really doesn’t matter which one you see first, because they are all equally awesome!

You will find that each tour location fits together like puzzle pieces to form a complete picture of Houston’s haunted past. Grab a yearly VIP pass to save on seeing them all!

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When your walk is over

The end of our tour finishes at the same place we started, where your guide will share their closing statement, and stick around for a few minutes to answer any questions you may have.

If you’re still wondering about the tours and what they entail, you can find the answer to most questions on our FAQs page.

So that’s it! It’s time to go on tour! Which one will you choose first?






By Lindy Thomas
January, 2022
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