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  • The Original Tour of Tomball

Tomball Ghost Tour

Quick Details

See the spooky side of Tomball while tour guides take you to the most historic haunted locations in the area. Hear great history and folklore along with local ghost stories, told in a fun and entertaining way. Great for all ages!

Friday & Saturday Nights
General Admission All ages

Spectral Hangings and Granny’s Ghost

As the years have developed Tomball into the city that stands today, there have been many who have died in strange and disturbing ways. It is said that these deaths have caused a remnant to remain, only to haunt the streets, homes, and establishments of those who care for the buildings today.

Will you meet Granny’s Ghost in Granny’s Corner? She is said to hug those she deems in need of one.
And what about the poor child whose father tried to conceal him when robbers came to take everything they owned? Did he live, or did he suffer the same fate as his family, and perish in the fire the robbers set?

These are only a fraction of the stories we will share on our 1 hour walk through town.

The Original Tour of Tomball
Nestled behind Houston, and near Magnolia, Tomball has much to offer its residents in the sense of peaceful and quiet living.
Walk around shops and restaurants built to resemble the original style of Tomball, after half the town suffered a devastating tornado. See pieces from an explosion that rocked the town, and hear the story of what killed over a dozen men.

Discovered as the Perfect Railroad Town
Tomball was originally set up as Peck, Texas, but soon after was renamed Tomball after its main railroad proprietor Thomas Ball. He believed he had found the perfect town to develop a depot. We meet in front of the depot and railroad museum, on Elm Street.

Step Into the Wild West
As Tomball began to grow, its heyday was in the early 1900s, and its population quickly grew as families settled in for the land’s rich agricultural amenities. But with a large population, corruption and violence are sure to be close behind them. With shoot-outs, robberies, and deaths, Tomball quickly gained a strong arm of law enforcement in an effort to stop these bad men from taking over. Where today we still see the impact of these law abiding citizens who stood up to face those harrowing times.

The Mysterious Crumbling Bank Vault
Why is there a dilapidated bank vault settled in the middle of town, and what happened to the bank that once stood there? Hold your ear up to the door, turn the knob, and try to listen for whispers of spectral voices.

You’ll Want to Hold Your Loved Ones a Bit Closer…
Don’t miss this amazing tour of Tomball and experience the rich Railroad history that this beautiful town has to offer. You won’t want to hear these stories alone, so be sure to bring friends as these tales are guaranteed to haunt your dreams.