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How Kids Can Overcome Their Fear of Ghosts

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Children can take some time adjusting to and learning about the world around them as they grow up. Sights, sounds, and sensations perceived in the dark or a strange place can be frightening and unexplainable, and kids may interpret these experiences as the work of ghosts. Their fear may cause them to see ‘ghosts’ in their rooms or under their bed, scaring them and making them feel paranoid. If not appropriately addressed, that fear can affect their daily activities. As parents, it’s important to acknowledge their fear and guide them into managing it healthily. Here’s how kids can overcome their fear of ghosts:

Consume kid-friendly media

The media your kids consume can significantly foster this fear of ghosts. They may have seen a horror movie clip or got a hold of a scary video game online. These things can be too overwhelming for their age, and what they’ve seen and heard creates an image of a ghost in their minds, one that intends to harm or frighten them.

To counter this fear, you can start by exposing them to other media with ghosts that aren’t as scary or are portrayed in a more humorous and positive light. The right movies and books can make spirits and other supernatural elements more lighthearted and entertaining, and they can experience a feeling of being spooked that is more fun than frightening. You can acknowledge that ghosts can be scary, but you can also show your kids that they have a fun side too.

Pursue a passion project

The supernatural is often associated with places or objects that can be scary or intimidating. Old houses, spooky noises, and the darkness can be frightening for small children; trying to use these to help them overcome their fears can be overwhelming. As such, it helps to associate ghosts with fun activities for kids, like pursuing a passion project, which may allow them to overcome their fear. You can assist them in making drawings and crafts of ghosts or even create a storybook with a lighthearted plot and ending. A passion project can help them work towards a goal; that goal could be overcoming their fear of ghosts or creating something unique and fun. This can help them reframe their thoughts about ghosts, making them seem more endearing or harmless than scary. These passion projects also help acknowledge their fear, allowing them to develop ways of communicating their feelings instead of bottling them up.

Go through experiences with them

Fear can be an isolating thing; many children may feel like they’re alone when their feelings aren’t understood or validated. You can connect with your kids by empathizing with them and talking about your fears from when you were younger and how you overcame them. If your child is feeling scared at night in their room, sit with them for a while and try to understand what’s making them feel afraid before comforting them. Another way you can empathize and experience things with them is by going on a ghost tour. There are no jumpscares like in haunted houses that can worsen their fear; you’ll be able to visit exciting locations and hear stories that can frame ghosts as intriguing rather than scary. Houston Ghost Tour has kid-friendly tours; guides can make the discussions and anecdotes manageable for your children. Your presence can make it easier for them to overcome their fears, knowing that you’re going through the experience together. Of course, it’s also essential to consider their comfort and willingness to go through these experiences before anything else, so make sure your child is entirely on board before you go on a tour to help overcome their fear.


By Brea Norman
Guest writer for Houston Ghost Tour, C 2023
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