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Why Houston Ghost Tour’s guides stand out among others

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All of us have been on a tour where our guide was a little bit… boring. Perhaps it was easy to tell they had done it too many times, or maybe they just weren’t the best at telling stories. I know personally, one of the worst tours I went on was at a theme park where the guide made Dad jokes the entire time. The whole crowd moaned and groaned with annoyance as the tour went on.

When you sign up for a Ghost Tour, you probably start off with some expectations.

First, you want a spooky fun time learning ghost stories and seeing haunted places. Second, you want your tour guide to wow you. To give you a great tour experience.

After all, your guide is the big show! A ghost tour isn’t fun if your guide is not entertaining!

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A Houston Ghost Tour guide isn’t your basic tour guide. To start, every tour guide is hand-picked after sending in a specified audition. Then, they must go through a six to eight week training program where they learn the do’s and dont’s, and memorize the script inside out. They then spend the next several weeks practicing their performance to make sure it’s perfect before they start their tour.

Many of our guides are not only good storytellers, they are professional actors, public speakers, and lead with tons of personality. Our focus has always been our customer’s highest satisfaction, so we train our guides to give great tours and great experiences.

Houston Ghost Tour guides also get to create a character or persona if they like. Some of our best guides thrive off of becoming someone else when they step in front of a crowd. Their ability to capture not only the stories they tell, but the vibe of a character, makes their tour unique and extremely fun.

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When you take a ghost tour, you’re probably expecting to see a ghost. It’s our tour guide’s responsibility to help facilitate an ambiance that creates the perfect situation for paranormal phenomena to happen. When you are entranced within a good story, it’s easy to experience something strange – like the hair on the back of your neck stand on end, or scratching on the window behind you.

Our guide’s biggest goal is to give you a memorable experience. To send you home with new knowledge sprinkled with just enough scary.

Next time you’re on the hunt for a great tour, look no further than a Ghost Tour. You’ll see that there’s no better way to learn the history of a city you’re visiting!



Written by Lindy Thomas copyright 2023